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Find a Dentist in Toronto

Finding a great dentist in the City of Toronto can be very difficult as there are hundreds to choose from, each with his or her own area of specialization. To help make the search for a dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, hygienist or dental therapist a bit easier, we present a list of well respected practioners in Toronto, Ontario. Canada. Please visit the "ABOUT US " link for a list of dentists, or "SERVICES" link to find out the type of procedures that are availabe from a dentist.


General Dentistry: a practice in which the dentist does not offer a specialized service, but rather can choose to offer basic or advanced procedures, or refer patients to other specialists below. Often these dentists provide fillings, root canal, cleaning, whitening, and more.

Orthodontist: specialize in straightening of teeth and the modification of midface and mandibular growth. Procedures often include braces, invisalign and retainers.

Endodontist: specialize in root canal therapy and study of diseases of the dental pulp.

Periodontist: specialize in the treatment of the periodontium, including the gums, however most periodontists also install implants.

Prosthodontist: specialize in dentures, bridges and the restoration of implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry: specialize in all areas of dentistry with the goal of improving the appearance of the mouth, teeth and gums.

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